12 Must Follow Top Twitter Accounts for Customer Service and Experience

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You may have setup a Twitter account for your startup or even for personal use. As a customer service-centered personnel, you may be wondering which accounts to follow to make your social media experience complete. These are the top 13 accounts to follow on Twitter.


Shep Hyken is an award-winning bestseller, a customer service and experience expert. Hyken writes on his customer service blog, which he usually tweets about. His knowledge and experience in dealing with big names like Lexus and Aetna is worth tapping into.


Annette is an expert in customer experience. As a blogger, she does most of her writing on her own blog, CX Journey, where she shares her over 20-year experience. Definitely, if experience is something to go by, you should follow Annette for such deeper insights into customer experience, best for startups and customer service persons.


Also a blogger, Bill Quiseng steps into the difficult areas of customer service for managers, and explain it with the experience he has gathered in hospitality management over the years. His blog, http://billquiseng.com, also features other seasoned bloggers who share their customer experience advice.


For Kate Nasser, it goes beyond customer service; it’s more about people skills and HR. And she has a hashtag she usually tweets to #PEOPLESKILLS. If you’re interested in something beyond customer service and a 25-year experience, she’s definitely the one to look out for.


A Forbes top 10 influencer, a blogger and a writer, Ted is the founder of a multimedia blog SwitchandShift which writes about tips and advice for managers and business leaders. Ted has also founded other companies, which gives insight into startup maneuvers for co-founders.


Writer of over 40 books, Marsha has extensive knowledge into social media commerce and social customer service. Listed once under Forbes 10 Women Social Media Influencers, Marsha has the right posts you need in your Twitter feed.


A true fanatic of customer service, Flavio devotes his blog, Win the Customer, to customer service and experience. With the experience as a VP of an award-winning customer service team, his insights on related topics will be helpful for startups and large corporations as well as business individuals.


A consultant, blogger, and a lover of organizations, Adrian delves into more than customer service. He speaks to organizations about marketing, human resource and even business strategy. His over 20-year-experience is a wealth of knowledge useful, most of which he shares through his Twitter profile and his podcast series as well.


Jointly run by Jeremy Watkin (@jtwatkin) and Jenny Dempsey (@jennysuedempsey), the “Communicate Better” blog sends in tweets from other prolific and highly ranked customer service personalities. Also, the blog tells the good and bad stories of customer service, all in its effort to promote excellent customer service at all levels.


A writer of a book on customer service, “Service Failure”, Jeff Toister likes to help companies improve customer service. Severally, he holds a webinar. If you follow him on Twitter, you may just catch a webinar episode, which can help you transform customer service and experience in your business.


Debbie tweets about customer service and customer loyalty. Mostly, we concentrate on the experience and support neglecting the loyalty. However, we need to realize that the customer needs to have confidence and some stickiness when using our service, and that’s where Debbie gives insight into customer loyalty.


Not exactly the name you would expect for a customer service expert but Guy Stephens tweets social media, customer service, social media customer service and everything related. On his blog and website, Being Guy 1067, he comments on social business. His keen interest in tech is something you should look out for when following him.

Knowing who to follow on Twitter is not always the easiest thing to do. If you’renew to Twitter or even a pro, these must-follow users can complement your social media customer service and deliver the best Twitter experience you will enjoy.